Why You Need A Summer Self Care Morning Routine!

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Taking some morning time before the day starts to spend alone is a great idea.  I know, not all of us are early birds, some of us are night owls.  Even if that’s you, taking a little time in the morning before you get ready for your day is beneficial.

Spending the time alone in the morning daily, establishes a routine and begins to build a solid relationship with yourself.  The longer you participate in building this time with yourself, the more you will come to look forward to it.  Soon, you will start to feel secure in your oneness.

What should your morning routine look like?  Your morning routine can include your morning coffee, maybe some exercise, time for reading or Bible study, and whatever little things you need to do to make the rest of the day go smoothly.

My Summer Morning routine looks like this:

  • Coffee
  • Listen to my morning YouTube playlist
  • Work on the blog
  • Have Breakfast
  • Morning chores
  • Start work

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to have my coffee. I’m one of those people who doesn’t talk until I have had at least half a cup of that delicious potion made from magical beans.

I myself have a lot going on and what seems like a little time to do it in, so I include some small chores in my morning routine.  One of the biggest time savers is putting dinner in the crockpot.  Getting some things done before the house wakes up helps me feel accomplished before 8 am and helps with time management later in the day when I am ready to relax.

I have made a YouTube morning playlist of three tracts to listen to every morning.  The first is a wake up binaural beats video, Next is an I AM affirmations video, and the last one is an eight hour long video of a beach in Maldives ocean sounds.  I can listen to the ocean sounds all day as it promotes my creative production.

Next I spend some time working on the blog.  Either I am working on the social media aspect, the writing aspect, product development, making new graphics,  or researching new topics.

Before I login to work I make some breakfast.  I have either some sort of egg dish or a bowl of oatmeal.  It usually depends on how much time I have left.  Since I work from home I am able to eat at my desk as I start my workday.

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My morning routine varies from season to season.  Being summer and the days run long, there are now extra daylight hours to venture outside.  I love getting up early in the summer time because it gives me a chance to work in my garden or go for a walk before the heat of the day sets in.

It is up to you what you include in your morning self care routine during this season.  There are many choices.  Also remember that you can make a separate routine for one day of the week or weekend where you do something different.

Lets say you make a separate routine for Saturday.  Your Saturday morning routine could include taking yourself to breakfast, participating in a yoga class with a friend, going on a hike, taking a craft class, or even volunteering your time.  The possibilities are quite endless.

Let’s recap… Creating a morning self care routine where you spend some time alone to do things that you don’t have the time to do during the day otherwise.  Since we usually put ourselves last, these will be things that we feel grow us and keep us healthy.

Creating your morning routine can include reading, exercise, special tasks, classes, a side hustle, or whatever you want to make time for that you cannot fit into the rest of the day.

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