December Goals to Ease Holiday Anxiety!

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This month i want to try something different.  Usually I am all about getting this and that done or starting new processes.  As winter sets in and the holidays at their peak, I want to not let my anxiety rule my mind.

I’m sure you know how that goes this time of year.  It’s the end of the year and we want to finish well.  We need to interact with people either shopping or lots of gatherings with relatives.  Being overwhelmed with our to do lists and our perfectionism.

So this month I want to let go.  That’s it, my goal is to Let Go.  I want to be in the moment and not worry about the reactions of others.  I know that seems absurd during December, but we can’t control other people’s reactions throughout the entirety of the year so why let it bother us so much.  I do plan on giving thoughtful gifts for Christmas and not stressing over the rest.

How do we do that?  Well, I know that I am putting my best effort into gifts and holiday gatherings, and that will have to be good enough. We don’t need to drive ourselves crazy over every little detail.  Doing our best is all we can do and we need to accept the work we put in.  Take a deep breath (or two) and Let Go of the negative self talk, guilt, and the worry.  Remember we are not defined by our inner critic.

I also want to enjoy some local things this year.  Many times I get so wrapped up in buying gifts and cleaning my house that I don’t get to go out and enjoy the holiday festivities.  I want to enjoy the season.  There are local light shows, town gatherings, concerts, and an interactive nativity villages I want to see.

Planning into my schedule these fun things will really give me something to work towards.  Like a reward to look forward to for getting through the day or week.  Who doesn’t like rewards as incentive to do what we normally do?   I think also doing these things will help me to be more in the moment and enjoy what I am experiencing instead of worrying about what could happen.

The more we practice being in the moment and letting go the better we will become at it.  Like riding a bicycle or learning an instrument.  Practice, practice, and practice some more.  Before we know it, being in the moment will have become a habit.  In my opinion a better habit than worrying.

As we do the things that our inner critic tells us we can’t or we shouldn’t, this pushes the inner critic out of our mind.  Replacing our negative thoughts with positive experiences.  The more we let go and the more we enjoy our lives, the more this inner critic will be shoved in the backseat and eventually just leave.

I’ll update you all at the end of the month on how Letting Go worked out for me.  What are some goals that you have for this month?

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