November Goals!

It’s time to set a new monthly goal!  I love November!  The fall colors are in full force and it could be the last month this year to get outside.  SO that is what I am going to try to do this month.  I am going to get my self outside for at least an hour everyday.

On nicer days I can do yard work, or add new landscaping that I have been saving on Pinterest.  I have plenty of year end clean up to do as it is time to put the garden to bed for the winter.

On not so nice days when it is raining and windy, I can take care of things on the porch or work on cleaning up the garage, barn, or shed.  Believe me I have plenty to get done out there.  This may even carry over into December.

I also plan to keep up on my daily affirmations 5 Affirmations for November

What is your goal for November?



  1. My goal for November is to do a bit of walking every day and stick to my meal plan.
    Walking might prove more challenging than anticipated because the weather is shite and I’ve just discovered the joys of sciatica. Bloody 30s.

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