5 Receiving Gifts Self Care Techniques

If you still haven’t determined your love language(s) please see my previous post What is your primary language?

Those of us who respond to the love language of receiving gifts as one of their primary languages, sometimes this love language can be a little pricey.  Receiving Gifts isn’t about just the receiving of gifts in general.  These gifts need to be thoughtful to the receiver’s needs, tastes, and desires.  Many think that this love language is a bit materialistic, but on the contrary receiving gifts is more about having something that is visible and touchable to show love.  Let’s jump right in.

Subscription Services: I’m sure you have seen the videos on social media for those great subscription boxes.  There seems to be one for every interest from bullet journaling to product samples.  The possibilities really are endless, there are even cheese, beer, wine, book of the month clubs.  It’s just a matter of finding a subscription that will keep you interested and satisfy your tastes.  Some people say that flowers are their love language.  You can sign up for a subscription service to receive floral arrangements on a monthly basis.  Subscribe to your favorite magazine so you never miss an issue.  I love these subscription services, they are a great surprise and so much fun.

Homemade gifts: Make yourself something!  Having hobbies where you create beautiful masterpieces is a fantastic way to say “I love you” to yourself.  If you draw, draw yourself something special.  If you do stained glass work, make yourself something breathtaking.  If you sew finally make that outfit you have been wanting to make.  I crochet beautiful baby blankets and I give them away or sell them.  One time my husband asked me why I never make anything for myself.  Good question!!!  So I went to the store and found the softest, most luxurious yarn I could afford, and made myself a beautiful throw blanket.  I still appreciate this gift to myself because I know how much work and time went into it.

Repeaters: Gifts that keep on giving are a wonderful thing.  Many times pets are repeated gifts.  Plants are a great repeater gift.  Gadgets that feed your other love languages.  Many years ago I planted some roses and four o’clocks in my front flower bed.  The roses were because I love them and hardly received them from others, so I planted them.  The four o’clocks I planted after my mom passed away and they remind me of her when I was a child.  Now from mid spring until fall I have flowers every year.

Memories: Give yourself the gift of traveling.  Make memories and take pictures.  Pick up souvenirs along the way to remember that trip to a Local Tourist spot or a far away one.  Go on an impromptu road trip!  Gift yourself a weekend getaway to a hotel with room service.  Possibly gift yourself with a friend tickets to an amusement park or concert.  Maybe even gift yourself a camper, boat, or RV to have adventures whenever you feel the urge.  Most definitely get a great camera to take pictures of your journeys and moments.

Rewards:  Using our love languages to reward ourselves or celebrate a job well done feeds our souls.  We should celebrate our accomplishments and what better way to tell yourself you did well than with a gift.  Big or small, it doesn’t matter but it should be something notable and match the accomplishment.  I think in someways the gifts should encourage you to get to the next level.  For instance, you have completed a challenging half marathon, after you go eat, what should you reward yourself with, maybe a beautiful shadow box to hold your race number, badge, medals, and pictures from the race.  Possibly also a new pair of running shoes.  Maybe reward yourself a new activity tracker for making fitness a habit.  Perhaps a new cookbook for the new way of eating that has helped you become healthier.

There are many ways we can give ourselves gifts to show that we love ourselves.  I hope you have found something new in this post to show your love to the one who will always be with you, yourself.  If there are others that have worked for you, please share your experiences with us.



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