Make Your Dreams Come True Day!

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January 13, 2022

A dream is a wish the heart makes…. We remember as children that we were told we could be anything we want.  As time has passed this has become more and more true.  People have been living their dreams or moving into their dreams for years.

The other side of that coin, some of us had either put off or given up on our dreams because of life changes like our spouse’s career, having children, taking care of our parents.  Maybe an illness of your own took center stage in your life so everything else got put on hold.

You Can Do It!

The child who believed in magic and the concept that dreams can come true is still within you.  I want to tell you that YOU carry this magic, and dreams can and do come true.  I have noticed with each generation dreams come true sooner in life.  Some of us are determined from childhood and follow our dreams from a young age knowing what we want out of life and know what we are willing to trade for it.

Many of us seem to make our dreams happen more so after a traumatic experience.  A huge break up (yours or your parents).  The death of someone close.  A crime committed against you.  Facing a specific problem that is difficult without help.  Many of these trigger that drive to strive for our dreams.

Visualize it!

What is your dream?  Sit down a few moments and think about it.  Do you want a specific career?  Do you want a specific type of business, house, car, life, spouse?  Do you want to run a marathon or climb a mountain?  Maybe you want to sail around the world in your very own sailboat?

Take a moment or two to write down your dreams in a journal,  It is easier to visualize them and make a plan of action says Henriette Klauser in her book Write it Down, Make it Happen.  I know it is easier for me to write out what I want and then write out a plan of action.  Re reading my dreams, goals, and my plan of action, I can change certain steps or tweak my plan a little bit here and there.

Some of us use a vison board with pictures and drawings of the outcome of your dreams coming to life.  Seeing pictures that represent what we want out of life and motivational quotes that help us to be inspired can keep us going.

Break it down!

Most times we don’t pursue our dreams because we become overwhelmed at the whole picture and the giant steps that need to be climbed to get there.  I’m here to tell you that each giant step has smaller, easier, and manageable steps.  That working on these small steps daily will make big progress toward your dreams.  Many of the successful people you see in the world break down their dreams into manageable pieces.

Right now I have a sizeable garden.  It didn’t magically appear one day.  I chose the space.  I drew out my plan.  I cleared out the brush.  I put in one garden bed at a time as I could.  I found the materials I needed.  I asked for help as I needed it, which is completely ok.

Make a Plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

After breaking down the pieces and researching all the moving parts to your goal,  Start planning it out.  Some of us can plan as we go.  Others might need to write it or even draw it all out.  Some of us need an organized outline or checklist.  No matter how you make your plans and no matter how many times you have to change and tweak your plan as you go along. Remember that nothing is set in stone, stay flexible and learn from the little things that come up that require small or large changes to your plan.  Maybe you are like me and see things along the way that you want to incorporate into your plan.

Take Action

On a daily basis work toward your dream.  It doesn’t have to be giant percentages of building.  Try 1-5% daily.  Sometimes that small amount is a bigger chunk than you realize.  Sometimes all you need to do is to start and that builds the momentum to get the tasks done.  Soon you will see your progress in living color.  Remember that forward movement at any rate is still forward movement.

Self Care

While working towards our dreams, we must also take care of the body we are given.  Exercise helps us not only get or stay fit, but it also releases those endorphins that give us energy and promotes creativity.  They are grand motivators to our plans.  Taking time to rest and replenish yourself.

Celebrate your progress with your friends and family, who encourage and support you.  I can’t tell you how many times I was out walking and came in with tons of new ideas.  Bouncing them off a couple of my friends really helped with further development of those ideas.


It doesn’t matter why you haven’t moved into your dream life yet.  Dwelling on that doesn’t move you forward unless it is putting a mental block in your way.  If that is the case, your first goal should be to figure out why you won’t allow yourself to move forward into your dreams.

Our dreams are obtainable.  First we need to visualize or realize what we want.  Then we need to break it down into smaller pieces with research.  Next we plan it all out, try to stay flexible as things will arise that were possibly unforeseen.  Move forward putting your plan into action, take manageable bites out of the work to get you to the results you want.  Finally, take care of your body, mind, and spirit.  Rest, replenish, and celebrate your accomplishments, not just in the end, but as you move through the process of making your dreams come true.

What are some dreams you would like to make into a reality?

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Make your dreams come true day

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