Toys Your Toddler Will Love!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, this means that I receive a small commission for purchases made for the products linked here.  This in no way changes the price you pay for the product.

Our kids have these curious little minds for adventure and fun.  They love to figure things out and learn new things.  Why not encourage them?  This is a list of recommended toddler gifts we have bought, used, and loved.  Some of these we still have and love to play with.

The Little Tikes 2 in 1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow with Me Swing 
My little one Loved his swing.  We were able to attach it to our existing swing set.  Just like our babies who loved to swing in their electric swing this offered hours of fun for my little one and and a great arm workout for me.  I enjoyed many Sleeveless tops that summer.  If you don’t have an existing swing set there is an option to purchase the adjustable straps to hang this swing on a tree or any other secure structure (pergola, gazebo, etc)

The Little Tikes First Slide (indoor/Outdoor)
This is another of my little one’s favorite toys.  He could climb up and slide down for hours and hours of squealing fun.  This slide can be used indoors or out and folds for storage to get it out of the way.  We still use ours and my little is 6 years old now.  Slides are a great kid favorite.

The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set
My little one absolutely loves this basketball hoop.  My older ones also love to get a rousing game of HORSE or one on one going.  This is a house favorite and it could be at your house too.

The Little Tikes 3 ft Trampoline
I don’t know about your little one, but mine loves even now to jump like crazy on the trampoline.  This is an indoor trampoline with handle bar for stability.  Your little one can jump off all that extra energy and be entertained for hours.

Mookie Scuttlebug Ride On – Walking Tricycle
My little one was a late walker compared to my other children.  My others were walking at around 10 months and my last one decided to walk around 14 months thanks to this little bike.  He had so much fun on this little bike, he learned how to drift on it around corners in the house.  It was like toddler NASCAR.

LEGO Duplo My First Bricks (80pcs)
My little one still loves these LEGOs.  Goodness I even get down on the floor and build with him.  Legos are always a crowd pleasing toy and stimulates little minds for hours.

STEM Club Toy Subscription for 3 – 4 year olds
This program was so great!  We received toys that were sold independently for quite a bit more for $19.99 each month.   This subscription could also be set to every 2 or 3 months.  These toys have been of high quality and a huge hit! My little one still pulls them out to play with them.   They have this program for the older kids too!

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine
We loved and still love this machine!  We use it outside and when we can’t get out, I have it set up in my walk-in shower (easy clean up)  I cannot tell you how many batteries we have burned through with this machine.  Even the doggies love it.

dreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles – 120 Piece set
All my kids love these magnetic tiles.  The big kids love making elaborate structures and the little kids love to make simple structures.  My little one has a friend who goes to these every time he visits.  These are a hit and I highly recommend them.

These are great gifts that my little one has had or continues to enjoy.  Receiving any of these products for holidays or birthdays would make your little ones happy.  Any of these would make a great “just Because” or “to work off your energy” gift.  Most of these items have color choices available, I chose the pictures that matched to create a theme in this post.  I highly recommend them to other parents and would absolutely buy them again and again.

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