Summer Fun Bucket List

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As summer approaches and the shelter at home orders are expiring around the country, we are able to venture out again.  Please don’t forget your masks and to social distance.  We need to not live in fear, but we do need to remain cautious to remain in good health.

Road trip – Go somewhere that would be very interesting.  Maybe visit a National Park or visit your relatives.  The idea is to get out of the house and the have an adventure before the places get crowded.

Take a Hike – There are many places to go hiking.  During the stay at home orders many places on this planet have started to heal. Now would be a great time to go exploring to see the beauty of nature.  I live near the Cumberland Mountain range where there are numerous hiking trails and swimming holes to enjoy.  Check out to find hiking trails in your state.

Camp out – Erect a tent in your back yard or in your living room.  Tell ghost stories around a campfire or flash light.  make s’mores, and eat beans and hot dogs.  There are so many memories to be made while in a tent and enjoying each other’s company.

Start a Perennial Garden – In some places it could be too late to put in a garden and in other places, there might be time left for some fast growing plants.  A perennial garden is a plant one time and harvest every year type of garden.  These plants are fruit trees, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, Wolf or Goji berries, elderberries, asparagus, grapes, ginger, horseradish, rosemary, and may pop (hardy kiwi).  There are many more perennial herbs, fruit, and vegetable plants you could plant to have a harvest year after year.  You can find perennial plants here at

Drive in – Go to your local drive in theater.  I remember as a kid and even as a young adult going to see the double features at the drive in movies.  We would make some snacks, jump in the car, and head on over to the drive in.   Many summers we spent twice a month in the fold down back seat of my mom’s ’71 Ford Pinto watching all the new movies.  As of recently Drive in theaters are starting to host live concerts.  This allows us to not only see our favorite bands in concert, but also keep to social distancing.  In my opinion that’s all the more reason to go and make some new memories with your loved ones!

Movie Marathon – Is there a movie series you haven’t seen yet or would like to see again?  Make some snacks, throw dinner in the crockpot, cook a frozen pizza, and settle in for a full Movie series like Harry Potter, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Ultimate Bourne Collection, Jurassic Park, Rocky, Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Star Wars, Resident Evil, The Avengers, Alien, Anne of Green Gables, The Hunger Games, Toy Story, Fast and the Furious, Iron Man, Captain America, X-Men, and Ice Age.

Learn a new Language – There are many languages that we can learn.  Sign language is a great one to learn.  Maybe learn a Rosetta Stone language to visit a country you have been dying to visit.  Learn a Pimsluer language you could use for your profession.

Board Game Night – Have a Board game night or many board game nights.  There are so many games they you can play with your friends or your kids.  Games we like to play are Exploding Kittens, Sorry, Monopoly, Catan, Jenga, Life, and Apples to Apples.

Water Gun Wars – Who doesn’t love a good water gun fight?  I mean really!  We love to chase each other around the yard and squirt or bomb each other.  Some of the water guns we use are Super Soakers, 30 pack water gunsWater cannons, and water balloons.

Conclusion – Whether you play board games, water wars, watch all the movies or hike every trail.  I hope that you make great memories with your loved ones and stay safe out there.

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