30 Days of Gratitude – My Children

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I wanted to express my gratitude towards my children early on in the 30 days.  If it were not for them, I don’t know what my life would look like.  Each of my kids bring something different to our existence together.

My eldest, He made me a mother.  He flipped my world upside down and lit a fire under me.  I was a mere babe when I had him, sixteen to be exact.  He was my new reason to push hard and to accomplish what I set out to do.

Over time, he has been my rock, my protector, my hero.  He is always there when I need him.  I have never seen such a determined goal seeking self disciplined teenager in my life.   He would push past each goal and set a new one.  He has even put himself through his college courses without acquiring debt.

His talent for art is mind blowing.  He assembles and paints WarHammer models.  I love seeing the color schemes and shading he comes up with.  If anyone dreams in living color, I’m sure it’s this guy.

He is so full of love for his family.  He never leaves the house or hangs up from a phone call without telling me he loves me.  My love for this guy is always growing.  I have always been proud of the man he is and is becoming.

My Second, He is my daredevil and outside the box thinker.  Throughout his childhood I always seemed to teeter between a heart attack and my heart melting.  He was my extreme child.  This one would do anything that you told him couldn’t be done.  From throwing himself off the porch to climbing the tallest tree in my yard.  Then he would give a stand up comic routine and coax a chicken to sleep.  Let’s not forget  his ability to belt out Bon Jovi songs like he wrote them.

We both have made it through his childhood.  He has always been the family peacekeeper to the point of distracting us with his antics.  He has always put others before himself.  His love for music has grown over the years, he has taught himself how to play the guitar and ukulele.  I still cry when I hear him singing.

His love of music is only matched by his love for Science.  I have spent many hours talking with him about asteroid mining, alternative power sources, the anatomy of bugs, and the essence of a soul.

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My Third, My rough and tumble while wearing ruffles. I could always find her in the thick of it with her brothers.  She wanted to do everything from trekking in the woods to driving the tractor.  If feminism were a person, it would be this child.  She is strong willed and can do anything she set her mind to.

She has shown me what strength looks like, she has lived a lot for her 19 years.  Many times she has held me together.  This kid offers so much to our family.  The passionate discussions regarding human rights and environmental issues.  She is always looking out for others and wanting to change the world.

Her talents for art are eclectic and as bold as she is.  from painting to photography to music.  She has entrepreneurial talents as well with a Redbubble store and releasing music on Spotify.

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My Fourth, He was my long awaited child, (8 years).   He is so loving and empathetic.  He loves music and dancing so much.  He has always had a natural rhythm even in the womb.

He’s only six years old and his biggest pet peeve is lying.  His morals are still developing, but the ones that are set are set in stone.  He is always looking out for others and wants to make everyone laugh.  He is curious like most children and loves to learn new things.  He wants to learn everything.

I’m especially thankful that he is still in the cuddle stage.  I’m interested to see how his personality and talents develop as he grows.  Like my others I am already proud of who he is now.

With each child I learned how to be a mother all over again.  The next was nothing like the previous.  They all are different, and they all bring something different to my life.  I am so proud of each one of them.  As I have told them their entire lives, I love them no matter what.  Some of my kids test this more than others, but it is so.  I couldn’t imagine my life any differently, and if I had to do again, I would look forward to seeing their beautiful faces for the first time all over again.

I know that being a mother doesn’t define who I am… but being a mother to these kids has in some part made me who I am.  I would have missed out on the wisdom, the virtues, the laughs, the exploring, the learning, the hugs, and the love they bring to my life.  I would not be who I am without them.

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