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January 8, 2019

What better way to start off the new year than with a clean desk?  I know I could really use a good desk cleaning from time to time.  I took this opportunity to actually do just that… clean off my desk!  Taking the time to make sure our desk is in order really does make a huge difference in how we work and how we feel about work.

With clutter and disorder our work environment is distracting to us.  Every little thing catches our eye and draws us away from the task at hand.  It takes us longer to do things that would normally take a short amount of time.  We often lose focus because we are searching for things or something is in the way.  Maybe the cat decided to use the desk as a launch pad to reach higher furniture… I know mine does.

I personally know how a cluttered or messy desk can be frustrating and distracting, to the point of wanting to clear it all with one large swipe into the garbage can.  That would take care of the problem I would think, but obviously I wouldn’t do that.

We must clean off the desk.  There are several ways to do it.

One way is to remove everything from the desk, wipe down the desk, and put the items you want to keep there back in an organized fashion.  The rest you can decide on if you would like to relocate, gift, donate, sell, or toss.

Another way is to work from one side of the desk to the other, clearing, wiping, and organizing as you go along.  The extra stuff, well, you can decide on what to do with those things using the choices above.

The third way, now this one is the most popular, and the least efficient, shove everything into a drawer that you don’t use daily, and call it a day.  Ultimately this is what not to do, as all that clutter is still there, just hidden in a drawer.  This is like when I ask my kids to clean their rooms and they do so by shoving everything into the closet.  We are grown ups now (even if just on the outside)

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Once we have cleared and cleaned our desks, organization is needed to keep our space looking good and functional for our needs. There are so many tools to organize our work space.

Organization is absolutely a must for productivity.  Some of us need simple organization, Like this:

512a6lzalzl or maybe  71ey6jlp7bl._sl1500_

Some of us need cute organization, like this:

71vf92d0cjl._sl1200_ or maybe  81lhtyplqbl._sl1500_

And some of us need substantial organization, like this:


91whebene9l._sl1500_ or maybe  710zbfxnoll._sl1000_


Clearing the clutter and chaos from our space where we work, clears the clutter from chaos from our minds while we are in that space.  We are able to relax some and get to being productive.

However you choose to clean off and organize your work area, make sure that it is functional and helps you feel productive.  Personalizing your space with organizers or accessories that match your personality will also make your work space more inviting and comfortable.

Until next time!

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