Autumn Bucket List

This time of year holds many opportunities to do and see things that only Autumn can bring.  The weather is becoming cooler.  The leaves are beginning to change color.  Every shop you visit smells of pumpkin spice and vanilla.

I have memories of my mom busy canning her large tomato and peach harvests.  Going on hay rides and the last visits to the beach before the water got cold.   Along with a host of other fun things.  There are so many things to do to celebrate this season.  Below is a bucket list of 30 fun things I have compiled to do over the Autumn months.

1. Go apple picking.
2. Go on a hay ride.
3. Take a scenic drive.
4. Try a pumpkin recipe.
5. Cozy up and read a book.
6. Open your Windows.
7. Light an autumn scented candle.
8. Take a class.
9. Go to a Fall/Harvest Festival.
10. Take baked goods to a neighbor.
11. Wear scarves.
12. Try a new hobby.
13. Go on a nature walk.
14. Try a new soup or stew recipe.
15. Decorate for Autumn.
16. Watch a scary movie.
17. See a Play.
18. Go on a weekend getaway.
19. Feed the birds.
20. Perfect your apple pie recipe.
21. Wear a nice pair of boots.
22. Celebrate Oktoberfest.
23. Go to a Farmers Market.
24. Volunteer
25. Pay for someone else’s breakfast.
26. Try a new cologne/perfume.
27. Visit with an old friend.
28. Have a pajama day.
29.  Visit a corn maze.
30. Try a new flavor coffee/tea

So many things to do and experience.  Getting out and doing fun things or staying home and doing things that you can enjoy.  I know this just seems like a list of fun things to do, but this is self care.  It can be this easy.  If there are ideas that you have to add to this list, please leave them in the comments below.  Enjoy your Autumn.



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