Self Care For Your Future Self!

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I was watching a YouTube video a short while ago and the woman in the video asked “What self care do you do now for your future self?”  That is a great question!  This really got my mind going.  What self care do you do now for your future self?

We focus a great deal of our self care on right now.  Some times we schedule for the week ahead but do we set up our self care for the years to come?  I don’t mean scheduling our immediate self care for years, although a routine is definitely helpful.

Some people schedule getaways or vacations for months or years in the future as rewards for getting through the mundane life they have.  This is maybe not the best way to live and I will address this in another post.

What I’m getting at is, what do you do for yourself now that will have a later pay off?  It should enrich your life going forward.  It should create opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

These are things like taking a class, earning a degree, building a business, learning a language, learning to play an instrument.  It could even be starting a club or organization that fills a need that you have and feel passionately about.  This means setting goals for a year or two and actively working towards them.

Are you already in a career that you love?  What can you do to make it better?

Do you want to travel to a foreign country?  Do you want to learn the language?

What are the steps that you need to take to accomplish those goals?

I have done things like take a Chinese class to learn how to speak Chinese before traveling to China.  I wasn’t fluent when I traveled to China, but I was able to understand and communicate somewhat.

I have an ear for languages, I love how they sound, it’s like soothing music to me.  I have a list of other languages that I want to learn so that I can communicate when I visit more countries.

I work in the field of Human Resources and I really enjoy this field because I love helping others (employees) one on one and also behind the scenes.  I also love to see others succeed and to be a part of the team that gets the company there is satisfying.  I am contemplating obtaining a Professional Human Resources certification.  Not only with this advance my career, but I will be able to help more people succeed.

With that love of helping others succeed I have started taking life coaching classes.  I think these things go hand in hand.  It is fulfilling to me to help someone realize their power and light.  I couldn’t imagine a better job right now.

I am currently on the journey to my most fulfilling career opportunities.  Celebrate each accomplishment and use that momentum to keep propelling yourself forward.

So what self care are you doing now for your future self?  Are you learning something that will change your life in the near future?  Have you set goals that you are actively pursuing?

I urge you to sit down today and make a list of things that you want to accomplish in the next year and in the next three years.  Put this list where you will see it every day.

Work toward these goals daily.  if it is to learn a new language or instrument, practice your lessons daily.  If you are taking classes, study and complete your assignments.

Life is short and we should be constantly filling it with opportunities to grow and to love ourselves.

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